Downloadable Bass Mix by Prawn

Click here to D/L from Mediafire..There’s no more words needed really are there !


New Z-Kat & Heapy stuff, with DJ set & free download!

Hello there, you!

This weekend, whilst he was over from Prague for Hush Hush, I dragged Z-Kat round to mine and we fired up our respective noise-making machines and got BUSY. Click on the eyeball below and open your ears.

Here’s Z-Kat’s set from Hush Hush that night (which you can also download here)

And because I’m in a summery mood due to it being [collision] at Todstock this weekend, here’s some sunny jazzy house vibes pon de free download:

Muchas gracias! Arribbbaaa!!!



What could be more entertaining than the recordings of a grown man twiddling with some nobs    ?

Not much else is there.

Anyway, err…

…here’s another mix for all you beautiful people (the ugly ones have to cover their ears, they repulse me and i dont want them listening), so brew up, roll a fatty and listen to this carbuncle of a mixtape, the tracklist will magically appear when you hit the green button in the middle of the picture .

Backdraft Unity FM Mix

Ive been meaning to pimp this recent radio show from our good freinds and self confessed dirty northern bastardsBACKDRAFT” , but due to certain parts of my brain not working properly i’ve only just got round to it !

So without any further faffin’ about, here it it, bass, breaks and bleeps galore,  very very available for download and packed with the finest fatty  breaks and dubstep goodness  that a hungry ear needs!

Backdraft – Unity Mix 11 July 2011 by backdraft

Show them some love over on facebO0Ok or if you have a day to listen to the humongous amount of stuff they’ve made themselves, then go check out their Soundcloud.

Super Shwick.



Oi You – Free Prawn Tune Innit !

I did this a couple of days ago, but only just got round to blogging its ass!

Listen and  Repeat is not only the name of the track, but is also a direct order from me.

Now heres the track. I hope you enjoy.

Listen and Repeat (Free Download) by Prawn.

Nice one you buggers



A Mix for Ears by Prawn.

I’ll keep it short, ‘cos i’ve traded mosta’  my words for apostrophe’s !

‘Ere’s a cheeky lil’ mix by me.

If you rilly rilly want to, you can download it here.

Hope you enjoy.

Dont forget DONT PANIC ! this Saturday @ Club Nirvana, Wigan.


Prawn x

Out now: Heapy – Make The Beat Drop

My new stabby rave-bass release Make The Beat Drop is out today – Beatport only for the time being – with sexy remixes from Wigan anti-socialite Prawn and Edinburgh-based bass ace Reset The Atari. Also in the package is chiptune-a-thon Sidley’s Kidleys. It’s about a spider.

Much love


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We've set this blog up to help promote the various types of music we play at the night and to let people know what we're about, so if you like what you hear and you're in the area then check out the events links on this page or our facebook group for more info!