This is the first in a series of old school jungle/hardcore mixtapes that we will be uploading to MIXCLOUD.They have been digitized by by old rave buddy and “school chum” from the early 90s, Mr.Mark Harrison.
Some of these tapes are covered in the sticky remnants of the past, so a little faffing went into making them listenable, this particular tape had a crowd of angry snakes shouting all the way through it !
I have been promiced that many many  more are on the way, so grab your white gloves and keep your whacking stick at the ready :P


DJ ELLIS D – Vintage Jungle / Hardcore Tape Cassette (side a) by Don’t Panic Wigan! on Mixcloud


DJ ELLIS D – Vintage Jungle / Hardcore Tape Cassette (side b) by Don’t Panic Wigan! on Mixcloud


In a joyous show of charity and good will and because theres only 278 shopping days left until christmas; official leg enders, the mighty FORMATION RECORDS are giving away this ear spanking bunch of beats from the likes of DJ SS, MAMPI SWIFT, BASS DESCIPLE , plus a dump load of other names that i don’t feel like typing right now.

I’m listening to it as i word this post, and my neighbours love it.


Head over there now and grab some free shizz before they hide it away in the cupboard again !

Free Freshness from Liquid Stranger

As the title says, theres a free wad of heft for you  here by the Arizona based wub-gnar poducer LIQUID STRANGER and all you need to do is cleeek ze download button !

Click on this sentence to go to his websit and find out lots of lovely things about him !

I won’t waffle on, because nobody likes reading anymore !



Aztekkerz Wonktastical Free Track !


As the title says, free track here from The Aztekkerz who absolutely shook the ship out of Wigan back in November.

To keep up with what these boys are doing follow them on Facebook :

I know it was just a quickie, but I also know that’s the way you like it !


Hair Raising Vibrations !

Ahoy thar ship mates, we have a generous donation of goodness here, hand cranked by the one and only Wigan based bass mechanic “MadBriller” who has crafted this spread just for you.

Mr.Briller is a regular guest at our little shindigs and always provides us with very many much wow entertainments, either with his hands, or with his majestic hair, which to this day has taken the lives of over 150 sea vessels.

For more stuff by this chap follow the links below and have yourselves some very many much wow entertainments as well !

Mixify –

Soundcloud –

Now brew up and enjoy ‘ya sen’


Time to Take Xmas Out “Behind the Old Barn”

So, is everybody well and truly sick of Christmas now ?  Well theres only 356 shopping days left so be prepared.

But if you want to finally put rest to all those left over feelings of yuletide joy then take a listen to this mix as Gash takes the old dog named Xmas out behind the old barn to accurately and remorselessly shoot in the face.

Gash – DON’T PANIC, I just murdered xmas ! by Don’t Panic Wigan! on Mixcloud

For those of you who need a little introduction, Gash is co-founder of  “In The Face”  which is a Brighton based bass driven record label (with actual real records!) and club night which you can visit by clicking these words . Some of you may remember their ITF takeover last January when they came oop Norff and wibbled the hell out of our fine establishment !

With releases on the ITF by Don’t Panic fave’s such as Kanji Kinetic, Krissi B, Heapy, Yeahhbuzz and mucho many more, it would be rude of us not to have the lovely boys back again !!

Expect to see Gash and the rest of the crew in Wigan some time this year for a re-wibbling !


Me Meech You a Meecha Meechmas and a Meechy New Meech


Continuing with our jolly month of mixtape distribution, here be another fine and hefty mix from one of our long time dnb residents MEECHA.

Standing at a mighty 70 minutes tall and containing no left over turkey this mighty bauble of bass is bringing  much and many aural pleasure  to me  whilst i type this.

If you like what you hear, get yer sen’ over to his own mixcloud page by clicking on ze link below.

For more mixes by MEECHA click these words.

Meecha also produces his own beats, most of which he gives out for free. These can be found at the magical link beneath these words.

For free tracks and other of Meech’s productions click these words.

Or if you want to get up close and personal with him, catch him playing regularly at our little DON’T PANIC ! shindigs in Wigan.

More mixes ont’ way. Merry Thingmas.




Don't Panic is a club night in the North West of England for bass heavy genres like Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Breaks, etc.

We've set this blog up to help promote the various types of music we play at the night and to let people know what we're about, so if you like what you hear and you're in the area then check out the events links on this page or our facebook group for more info!